The Cost of Egg Freezing in Mexico in 2024

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What is the cost of Egg Freezing in Mexico?

The cost of Egg Freezing in Mexico is usually around $4,000USD, without stimulation medication.

You can also plan on a cost of about $30 per month for storage.

Some clinics may have a special price if you are planning an in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Mexico in the future.

Most frequent questions asked by future Mexico egg freezing patients in 2024

Q: Can I freeze my eggs in Mexico?
A: Egg freezing, also known as egg cryopreservation, is a method of fertility preservation. It consists of collecting oocytes, after ovarian stimulation or not, before freezing them in liquid nitrogen and storing them for a future pregnancy.

Q: Why freeze my eggs in Mexico?
A: Oocyte freezing is a technique that allows to preserve a woman's fertility and to suspend, for some time, her biological clock. Indeed, the procreation capacity with frozen oocytes will be (almost) the same as with unfrozen oocytes.

Q: What is the difference between egg and oocyte?
A: In terms of size, the oocyte is tiny (0.0001 millimeters), but not so much: it is the largest cell in the human body! One sometimes confuses egg and ovocyte. It should be said that the difference is subtle: the ovocyte is transformed into ovum at the time of the fertilization by a spermatazoid.

Q: I am ready to move forward, what is the first step?
A: The very first step is to have a free online consultation with our medical director. To make an appointment, you can use the WhatsApp button at the bottom of the page or fill out the form below.

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Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez
Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez Fertility specialist, Inmater

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Egg freezing: how it works in Mexico

For some women suffering from chronic or serious illnesses, this technique of medically assisted procreation is sometimes the only way to preserve their fertility and hope to see one day their project for a child come true. But oocyte cryopreservation also has other indications that are often less well known.

Today, oocyte freezing is essentially based on one technique: oocyte vitrification. The principle? The oocytes are plunged directly into liquid nitrogen where they are frozen ultra-fast at a temperature of -196°C. More efficient than the previously used slow freezing technique, vitrification ensures a better survival of the frozen oocytes, in particular by avoiding the formation of crystals which previously altered the gametes, making them unusable.

What are the chances of achieving a pregnancy after egg freezing?

If the chances of achieving a pregnancy after egg freezing have increased thanks to technical advances such as vitrification, it is important to keep in mind that it is never guaranteed to become pregnant.

This is evidenced by a few numbers: During a vitrification procedure, between 8 and 13 oocytes are collected on average per cycle; After thawing, 85% of these oocytes survive; Then, IVF by ICSI, which fertilizes the remaining oocytes, has a success rate of 70%. As a result, the overall pregnancy rate with oocyte thawing varies between 4.5 and 12% depending on age and health conditions.

It is therefore estimated that between 15 and 20 oocytes must be successfully frozen in order to have a birth. This usually means several collections and freezings to finally hope to become parents.

Why would I "freeze" my eggs?

The ability to successfully cryopreserve eggs opens up a variety of possibilities for women. It is a significant advance for women with cancer who must undergo chemotherapy treatment that may render them infertile. For these young women who are not ready to start a family at the time of their diagnosis, the ability to cryopreserve their eggs allows them to focus on fighting cancer knowing that if the treatment renders them infertile, they will be able to use their own eggs in the future.

The process of egg cryopreservation in Mexico also opened up a world of possibilities for women through elective fertility preservation. A woman's aging also affects her eggs. It has been proven that a woman approaching 40 years of age has a 60% to 70% risk of developing chromosomal abnormalities in her embryos. This also translates into a higher risk of miscarriage and a lower pregnancy rate.

Women have always lived with a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads: their own biological clock. However, many women choose to postpone a pregnancy in order to launch their career, travel, find the right partner, have meaningful experiences or simply wait until they feel ready for the great adventure of motherhood.

Freezing their eggs gives them the assurance of being able to start a family at their own pace if they discover they are having trouble conceiving at the right time. Unlike an intrauterine insemination or IUI, an in vitro fertilization is viable with egg freezing. And that's a real advantage, because they have access to their own genetic material when in the past the only option would have been egg donation.

Egg preservation involves a process similar to an in vitro fertilization cycle. The woman takes medication that causes several follicles to form in the ovaries. The growth of the follicles is monitored by ultrasound and, once the follicles are mature, the eggs inside can be retrieved using a simple procedure. Many patients use a technique called PGT-A to choose the sex of their baby in Mexico, just before having their eggs frozen. The mature eggs recovered from the follicles are then vitrified by the embryology team and stored in liquid nitrogen until the woman chooses to use them.

The history of Egg Freezing

Cryopreservation of sperm and embryos has been possible for many years, but eggs are much more difficult to cryopreserve and initial attempts had very low survival rates upon thawing. For many years, embryos were cryopreserved by a freezing technique using cryoprotectants in an attempt to minimize the damage caused by ice crystal formation. Although reasonably high embryo survival rates were achieved with freezing, ice crystal formation in egg freezing had poor survival rates.

It was not until the cryopreservation technique called "vitrification" was developed that the ability to cryopreserve eggs with high survival rates finally made it possible to consider freezing eggs. Vitrification is an extremely rapid cryopreservation technique that bypasses the formation of ice crystals, bringing the temperature of the material down to -180°C in less than a second. With vitrification, it is possible to cryopreserve eggs and achieve survival rates of 90% to 95%!

How effective is egg freezing?

"None of the techniques of medically assisted reproduction such as oocyte self-preservation is a magic solution.

It is never a guarantee of a successful pregnancy and should not be used as an argument to delay a pregnancy project, especially since we know that fertility progressively decreases from the age of 35, and clearly after the age of 40. Remember that this technique does not ensure having a baby at 100%.

What are the health risks?

It is therefore feared that oocyte vitrification encourages women to start a pregnancy late with all the maternal and foetal risks of late pregnancies. The older the woman is when she becomes pregnant, the more likely she is to develop gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension that can lead to pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, thrombosis or other cardiovascular pathologies.

The unborn child is at risk of hypotrophy or growth retardation. Moreover, the risks of miscarriage are much more frequent after 40 years. This increase in risk is progressive and is more important in primiparous women.

Cost of Egg Freezing in Mexico

Patient stories and testimonials

Read the great reviews from patients who have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Alejandro Castillo as their fertility specialist.

Hello, my name is Cris, and I am from the United States. I wanted to make this video to let everybody know that I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Alejandro Castillo.

He is a very caring, patient, and professional doctor. Even though the journey is far for me to travel to Mexico City to see him, I am very glad that I was able to find him, and he has been able to treat me.

So, whatever your fertility journey is, I definitely recommend Dr. Alejandro. He is so caring and professional. He doesn't hesitate to go out of his way to help you feel calm regarding the procedures or whatever situation you are in.

Also, he is extremely accessible. He gave me his WhatsApp number, and any question that I had, I would reach out to him, and he would respond to me within minutes. This is definitely something that I don't see here in the United States. With Dr. Alejandro, this has been the way that we communicate.

Furthermore, his team is wonderful. The nurses are so caring and patient. The overall experience of being his patient has been phenomenal. I highly recommend him to any friend or family member who is considering IVF or anything related to infertility.

Dr. Alejandro is definitely the person you would want to see. This recommendation comes from someone who travels from the United States. I know there are doctors here that I could see, but my decision to travel to Mexico City has been the best decision I have made.

I just wanted to take this time to show my appreciation for Dr. Alejandro, and if I can inform others about how my journey has been, that is really the purpose of making this video. Have a wonderful day.

Cristina Texas, United States

Where are the family that decided to go to Inmater to have our kids and here it is. We had the experience with Dr. Castillo. We got the information, the friendship, the good values that I can only feel comfortable with.

And right now, we are so happy and blessed to have our son. We just want to say, don't be hesitant. Don't be scared. It's a good choice and wise decision. It's always worth it.

We had a great experience because the doctor always had a very quick response for any question we had. He was always very open to questions and answers in a quickly manner. He was very attentive to all of our questions. And also he was very spot on, very positive.

And he has become a friend too. Yes. And all the crew that works here.

So if you guys are thinking about it, it's totally worth it. You guys should do it.

Brigitte and Juan Manuel Texas, United States

We were trying to conceive for six years with no success. We tried so many different things here in the United States, but the cost of IVF especially the cost of donor eggs which we found out we would need was completely inaccessible.

So I started doing a ton of research from places all over the world and I finally came across Inmater in Mexico City.

They were very very responsive and very quickly after I contacted them we had a Zoom meeting with Dr. Castillo. He just right off the bat made us feel really comfortable, we felt very confident in his expertise and he really seemed to care about us.

We then decided to follow through and make plans to travel to Mexico City. After six years of trying, just really weren't sure what to expect, but it worked on the very first attempt.

We are expecting twin girls, we are so excited and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, this means the world to us.

Amy and Nathaniel Seattle, United States

Hello. Hola. My name is Amanda. I am a patient of Dr. Castillo. I just wanted to come on here and share my brief experience.

I found Dr. Castillo and the Inmater Clinic. And I have not regretted not one choice. I am very fortunate to say that Dr. Castillo has taken care of me like his own daughter. Like a friend.

I began my IVF process and journey in Mexico City under the care of Dr. Castillo in March, and we were very successful with retrieving five eggs and blessed to say that two out of the five eggs moved on to the stage that we needed them to.

I surely hope that you consider Dr. Castillo for your future fertility needs, because not only did he treat me well, with great respect and just, care, his entire staff did. They were above my expectations, and nature was on our side and God was on our side.

And Dr. Castillo, for sure, was on our side.

Amanda Louisiana, United States

Hi, I'm Sarah. I live in Canada, and I'm a patient of Dr. Alejandro Castillo Pelaez, and I'm currently six weeks pregnant.

I went through fertility treatments here in my own country for two and a half years unsuccessfully.

And while I could go on at length about the problems I encountered, basically at the end of it, I had no hope left in my own country. And so I was looking elsewhere.

I am very fortunate that I found Dr. Alejandro. Within two and a half months of first contacting him, I had tested positive pregnant.

The care I received from Dr. Alejandro was unlike anything I had experienced here. He actually cares about his patients and works with them and wants them to be successful and is using very successful techniques.

He was always very responsive. Like here I was used to it being weeks, two months before I could get a hold of my doctor. Whereas Dr. Alejandro, I can contact him when I had problems sourcing medication here. He contacted me back within minutes.

I am so grateful for the care I received. And thank you, Dr. Alejandro.

Sarah Alberta, Canada

Hello, my name is Sarah. I'm from Canada and I would like to recommend Dr. Alejandro from Inmater Clinic here in Mexico City.

I worked with a fertility clinic for two and a half years in Canada, and it would take weeks or even months to get a hold of my doctor, whereas Alejandro was always available. He would answer quickly.

I never expected to find such service. I'm really happy to be working with him. I had a frozen embryo transfer done two days ago with donor eggs and sperm.

I don't know yet what the outcome will be, but regardless, I will be back here and returning to Inmater clinic.

Sarah Alberta, Canada

We wanted to say a special thank to Dr Alejandro Castillo. When we started this journey, we were very apprehensive and I wanted to share this story with all you guys who are planning to have an IVF.

We were in the middle of the pandemic and I must say the professionalism and the help that the Inmater people provided to us was exceptional.

Despite the travel restrictions and all the questions that we both had, Dr Alejandro was very prompt, answered very quickly and was always available.

We thank him and for helping us reach our dream and again a big shout out from Tampa, Florida. Thank you very much Dr. Alejandro!

Widad and Hassan Florida, United States

I'm from New York and I decided to go to Mexico City because I've seen good reviews online. My doctor, Alejandro, his communication was superb like anything I needed, any comments I had or any thoughts or issues.

His response times are really, really, really good, which made me feel good because I didn't visit the facility first.

I already did it online, so I only visited when I actually was going for my full fertility procedure for freezing my eggs. His attentiveness, the explanation, just his overall energy really encouraged me throughout this process. Because you're taking, you know, all of this medication, you're going through all these thoughts in your head. So it's really hard to piece this together.

But he made it so much better for me. I thought the facility was great. I thought everything went very smoothly, and I'd go back again 100%.

Thank you so much, Doctor, and good luck.

Sheneque New York, United States

Hello, everybody. My name is Alejandro. And I'm Martha.

Well, we are making this video to share our experiences with Dr. Alejandro Castillo. To my namesake, because we were sharing this whole fertilization process with him and his entire team.

The truth is that it was a very enriching experience. We have been together for about six years and we have been trying to conceive and we could not, we had not been able to. Then we considered the possibility and contacted Inmater and the service was very fast.

Dr. Alejandro contacted us, we made a video call and because we live in Florida and the whole process was very, very fast. We traveled to Mexico to start the whole process and well.

Today we had our first ultrasound. I am 12 weeks along and we are very happy, very grateful to the doctor. He treated us very well, as if we were family. He has practically been in contact with us all this time.

Anything we can write him on WhatsApp and we know he will answer us. Very, very grateful and very happy we are.

Very respectful from the beginning, he is 100% recommendable.

The truth is that he treats you like a human from the very beginning and he's very professional, very knowledgeable and always giving options.

Martha and Alejandro Florida, United States

We are patients of Dr. Alejandro Castillo and the truth is he always been a great doctor. He takes us by the hand step by step and has never left us alone

Dr. Castillo is also a great human being, which is something very very important. He has become a friend, a companion an ally in all this process and we love him very much.

He has always given us that encouragement and that good vibe, which is something that only he can give us.

We highly recommend!

Lupita and Alejandro México

We would like to thank the clinic Inmater and all its team, especially Dr. Alejandro Castillo for his professionalism and human sense who have accompanied us who have accompanied us in the conception of our two little daughters. We had already been married for two years and we were unable to conceive.

We came to Inmater on the recommendation of a doctor. They explained to us the different procedures they had and we initially underwent an in vitro fertilization which resulted in my first baby who is now five years old.

Last year, we did the second process with Dr. Alejandro and the result was our second baby whose name is Celeste.

We give this testimony for anyone who is interested in the clinic so that they trust and believe in them.

We highly recommend the clinic and we are immensely grateful for all the support they gave us in the conception of our two girls. Thank you very much to Dr. Alejandro and to all his team!

Mari and Fernando Colombia and México
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