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Surrogacy Programs

Explore surrogacy options in Mexico City.

Surrogacy Programs
in Mexico City

Surrogacy in Mexico City


Surrogacy in Mexico

Complete and legal surrogacy programs under the medical direction of Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez in the heart of Mexico City.

  • Online consultation.
  • Surrogate selection and medical screening.
  • Legal agreements.
  • Reproductive medicine treatment.
  • Pregnancy care.
  • Birthing process.
  • Post-Birth Legal Process.

Embark on a seamless surrogacy journey in Mexico, designed to minimize stress and maximize support.

Surrogacy in Mexico
Phase 1

Surrogate selection and contract

Surrogate selection and contract

The first phase of the surrogacy program involves a meticulous process of selecting a suitable surrogate, followed by the careful drafting and signing of a contract that outlines the legal and financial agreements between the clinic and the intended parents.

  • Online consultation.
  • Legal fees for contract preparation and official registration.
  • Surrogate selection.
  • Surrogate screening.
  • Coordination and care.

Approximate total: ∼ $15,000 USD.

Surrogate selection and contract
Phase 2

IVF and Embryo Transfer

IVF and Embryo Transfer

The second phase of the surrogacy program encompasses the critical procedures of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and Embryo Transfer, alongside meticulous coordination and care for the surrogate, which includes an initial payment for the embryo transfer, marking a significant step towards achieving pregnancy.

  • Coordination and care.
  • Initial payment for embryo transfer.
  • Reproductive medicine.
  • Legal fees for voluntary jurisdiction.

Approximate total: ∼ $15,550 USD.

IVF and Embryo Transfer
Phase 3

Prenatal care

Prenatal care

The third phase includes comprehensive surrogate coordination and care, alongside structured fees for the surrogate that are allocated for the first, second, and third trimesters, in addition to covering legal fees related to voluntary jurisdiction to ensure a smooth and legally sound process.

  • Coordination and care.
  • Fees for the surrogate during the first, second, and third trimesters.
  • Legal fees for voluntary jurisdiction.

Approximate total: ∼ $12,000 USD.

Prenatal care
Phase 4

Birth, certification and registration

Birth, certification and registration

The fourth and final phase of the surrogacy program culminates with the surrogate's final payment, acknowledging her dedication and contribution, followed by the settlement of legal fees for the official registration of the child, ensuring all legalities are meticulously addressed and finalized.

  • Coordination and care.
  • Fees for the surrogate.
  • Legal fees for registration and certification.

Approximate total: ∼ $12,000 USD.

Birth, certification and registration

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Timeline for surrogacy in Mexico

Here's what your surrogacy program schedule might look like. Keep in mind that some steps may vary depending on your specific needs and situation.

1 Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez

Online consultation

Meet Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez, discuss the objectives, the details of the procedure and any preliminary questions you may have.

2 Legal framework establishment

Legal framework establishment

The next step is to establish the legal framework. This includes drafting and signing contracts that outline the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of all parties involved, ensuring legal protection and clarity throughout the surrogacy journey.

3 Surrogate matching

Surrogate matching

The process of matching you with a suitable surrogate begins. This involves a thorough screening process to ensure compatibility and the surrogate’s ability to carry your child to term, aligning with your preferences and requirements for a surrogate.

4 Medical and psychological screening

Medical and psychological screening

The chosen surrogate undergoes extensive medical and psychological evaluations to confirm her suitability for pregnancy. These screenings are vital for ensuring the health and well-being of the surrogate and the future baby.

5 Beginning of the fertility process

Beginning of the fertility process

With legal and medical clearances in place, the fertility process starts. This includes synchronization of menstrual cycles, hormone treatments, egg retrieval, and fertilization through IVF, followed by the embryo transfer to the surrogate.

6 Pregnancy and prenatal care

Pregnancy and prenatal care

Upon successful embryo transfer and confirmation of pregnancy, the surrogate receives ongoing prenatal care to monitor the health of both the surrogate and the developing baby, ensuring a healthy pregnancy journey.

7 Birth and legal parenthood

Birth and legal parenthood

The birth of the baby marks a joyful culmination of the surrogacy process. Immediately following the birth, steps are taken to secure the intended parents legal rights, with the help of Dr. Castillo Peláez's team, ensuring that your names are placed on the birth certificate.

9 Bringing your baby home

Bringing your baby home

The final step involves preparing to bring your baby home. This includes any necessary legal documentation for travel and guidance on adjusting to life with your new addition, ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood.

Frequently asked questions & facts

We understand that you have many questions about the surrogacy programs and how everything will take place in Mexico City. Here are some answers to your questions before going forward with a consultation.

Is surrogacy permitted in Mexico?
Yes. Mexico became one of the select few nations to legalize compensated surrogacy, welcoming a diverse group of intended parents regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, or nationality.
Will the names of the intended parents be listed on the birth certificate?
Yes, the birth certificate will exclusively display the names of the intended parents, with no reference to the surrogate.
How long does it take to choose and qualify a surrogate mother?
Typically, it ranges from one to three months.
What is the total cost of the surrogacy program?
The total cost of the surrogacy program in Mexico is usually between $55,000 USD and $60,000 USD.
Can I use embryos that are stored in my own country?
Certainly. To proceed, your embryos will need to be transferred to Mexico using a specialized third-party company. Upon arrival, they must undergo a thorough sanitary inspection by COFEPRIS, the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks in Mexico, to ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations. This step is crucial for the continuation of the surrogacy process within the country.
Are fertility treatments available to international patients?
Indeed, fertility treatments are readily accessible to international patients, with Dr. Castillo Peláez specializing in serving patients from around the globe.
I am interested, what is the first step?
If you are interested, the very first step is to attend an online consultation with Dr. Castillo Peláez. He will explain all the details of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. It is usually done over Google Meet.
Does Dr. Castillo Peláez speak English?
Yes, absolutely. He speaks both Spanish and English.
What type of stimulation medication will be used?
In order to have a maximum number of follicles and eggs for a fertility procedure, the woman is stimulated by injections of medication to develop multiple follicles. Pergoveris, Gonal-f, Merional and Merapur are popular options that could be prescribed to you. The injections are usually performed by the woman or her partner.
Do fertility medications pose health risks?
Fertility drugs are safe, backed by over 30 years of research and successful application.
Which airport is closest to Dr. Castillo Peláez's clinic?
The Mexico City International Airport (MEX) is about 20 minutes from the clinic.
Dr. Alejandro Castillo Peláez

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